Outline of Song of Solomon

    The outline identifies the speakers throughout the

    I. Title                                       1:1

    II. Description of the courtship               1:2-3:5
      A. The Shulamite                             1:2-4a
      B. The daughters of Jerusalem                1:4b
      C. The shulamite                             1:4c-7
      D. Solomon                                   1:8-11
      E. The Shulamite                             1:12-14
      F. Solomon                                   1:15
      G. The Shulamite                             1:16
      H. Solomon                                   1:17
      I. The Shulamite                             2:1
      J. Solomon                                   2:2
      K. The Shulamite                             2:3-13
      L. Solomon                                   2:14-15
      M. The Shulamite                             2:16-3:5

    III. Procession for the marriage               3:6-11
      A. The Shulamite                             3:6-11

    IV. Consummation of the marriage               4:1-5:1
      A. Solomon                                   4:1-15
      B. The Shulamite                             4:16
      C. Solomon                                   5:1

    V. Conflict in the marriage                    5:2-6:13
      A. The Shulamite                             5:2-8
      B. The daughters of Jerusalem                5:9
      C. The Shulamite                             5:10-16
      D. The daughters of Jerusalem                6:1
      E. The Shulamite                             6:2-3
      F. Solomon                                   6:4-12
      G. The daughters of Jerusalem                6:13a
      H. Solomon                                   6:13b

    VI. Maturity in the marriage                   7:1-8:4
      A. Solomon                                   7:1-7:9a
      B. The Shulamite                             7:9b-8:4

    VII. Intensity in the marriage                 8:5-14
      A. The daughters of Jerusalem                8:5a
      B. The Shulamite                             8:5b-7
      C. The brothers of the Shulamite             8:8-9
      D. The Shulamite                             8:10-12
      E. Solomon                                   8:13
      F. The Shulatmite                            8:14