Outline of Nehemiah

    I. The arrival of Nehemiah                     1:1-2:20
      A. Nehemiah learns of the conditions
         of Jerusalem                              1:1-3
      B. Nehemiah's sorrow and prayer              1:4-11
      C. Nehemiah convinced to return              2:1-10
      D. Nehemiah surveys the situation            2:11-20

    II. The building of the wall                   3:1-7:73
      A. The people who rebuilt the wall           3:1-32
      B. Opposition encountered                    4:1-3
      C. Nehemiah's prayer                         4:4-12
      D. The building continues                    4:13-23
      E. The problem of debt                       5:1-19
      F. More opposition encountered               6:1-14
      G. The wall completed                        6:15-19
      H. The list of those who returned            7:1-73

    III. The reforms of Ezra and Nehemiah          8:1-13:31
      A. The law explained                         8:1-12
      B. Feast restored                            8:13-18
      C. Confession and covenant of priests
         and Levites                               9:1-38
      D. List of those who sealed covenant        10:1-39
      E. List of exiles                           11:1-12:26
      F. Dedication of walls                      12:27-47
      G. Reforms of Nehemiah                      13:1-31