Outline of Micah

    I. Introduction                                1:1

    II. The first discourse: Destruction
        and woe to all the land                    1:2-2:13
      A. Destruction pronounced against
         Samaria(Israel) and Judah(Jerusalem)      1:2-16
      B. Woe pronounced on greedy oppressors       2:1-13

    III. The second discourse: Rulers,
         priests, and prophets denounced and
         messianic fore-glimpses                   3:1-5:15
      A. Rulers, priests, and prophets
         denounced                                 3:1-12
      B. Messianic fore-glimpses                   4:1-5:15

    IV. The third discourse: The Lord's
        controversy with His people and God,
        Israel's only hope                         6:1-7:20
      A. The Lord's controversy                    6:1-16
      B. God, Israel's only hope                   7:1-20